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Why You Should Switch to Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Fishing has been around for thousands of years and over time, it has evolved from being an occupation into a skill, sport, and hobby. It comes as no surprise because fishing comes with many perks ranging from health to social advantages.

If you are into fishing or thinking about learning it, then you’ve probably heard about SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) as a way to fish. Of course, it pays to know the different ways that you can enjoy fishing. For one thing, knowing your options can help you determine which route is more convenient for you. And for another, branching out to a different type of fishing will improve your skills as an angler.

SUP Fishing is becoming more and more popular among seasoned and new anglers alike. To help you understand why, check out how SUP measures up against the more traditional ways of angling such as Shore Fishing and Kayak Fishing:

Shore Fishing
Shore fishing has been the go-to method for anglers who don’t want to go through the hassle – or expenses – of owning a boat or kayak. Sometimes referred to as bank fishing, this type of angling can be done in marinas, bridges, and even subdivision ponds.

The Pros:

Fishing from the shore is quieter in that you do away with the noise or shadow cast by boats. This means you don’t scare away your catch. This is especially important if you’re trying to fish bigger game such as Bluegill or Bass.
You have more time to enjoy. Think about it: no need to go through the hassle of preparing your boat; just grab your fishing essentials and head to your spot.

The Cons:

Shore fishing doesn’t challenge the more experienced anglers. If you’re one to combine adventure with this sport, then you might find shore fishing a little too dull for your taste.
You’re likely to catch smaller fish since they stay closer to the shore. If you’re out to catch bigger game, you must venture into deeper waters, so bank fishing may not be the best route for you.
Limited area. Forget about exploring the water or going on water expeditions. You can only cast your line on restrained areas.
Territorial claims. Some fishing areas are made even more restricted because they are claimed by local fishermen.
Not a good avenue for testing your skills. Some anglers like more daring fishing conditions to test their skills or satisfy their desires for water expeditions. You aren’t likely to get these if you choose bank fishing.

Kayak Fishing
Sturdy and comfortable – kayaks  are now being designed with the angler’s needs in mind. Now, you can explore wider ranges whether you prefer fresh or saltwater fishing. You can enjoy the convenience of boat fishing minus the motor noise or the costs that come with boat ownership.

The Pros

The preferred fishing method of many water adventurers. Anglers favor kayak fishing in that it is more athletic compared to shore fishing. You also have better chances of catching bigger fish or trophy fish when you go kayak fishing.
Wider angling area. Are you the kind of angler who likes to explore? If you prefer to spend more time on water while waiting for your catch, then kayak fishing is for you.
Ability to use high-tech fishing equipment. You can attach or bring more high-tech fishing equipment conveniently.

The Cons

Expensive. You want to invest in a reliable kayak for safety and quality reasons, and most fishing kayaks can be costly.
Takes time to prepare and pack. If you’re only out for a quick fishing trip, taking out your kayak can be challenging. It takes time to inflate it, prepare your gear, and more time to pack it away.
Getting a good catch can be challenging. While kayaks enable you to venture farther, bigger fish are a lot more difficult to catch. The shadows or noise caused by a kayak can scare them away.
Not ideal for beginners or family trips. Kayak fishing is best for more experienced anglers or water expeditioners. If you’re a beginner or if you’re taking out your family or kids fishing, it’s best to go with a safer route.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) SUP may be the newest form of fishing but it’s quickly gaining popularity among novice and veteran anglers alike. It combines the conveniences of kayak fishing as well as solves some drawbacks of shore fishing.

The Pros:

  • Wider fishing range. No boat or kayak? No problem! You can still go offshore fishing if you have a paddleboard.
  • Mobility. SUP fishing provides better mobility that you can’t find in kayak fishing. You can quickly reach better fishing spots because paddleboards are lighter and more agile.
  • Higher chances to catch bigger game. Paddleboards are quieter and smoothly glides through the surface without as much commotions caused by kayaks. You have the mobility to go where the bigger fish are without scaring them away.
  • Better fishing stance. Standing while fishing gives you ample room to cast your rail and a better field of vision of the fish around you. 
  • Lightweight. Say goodbye to hauling heavy fishing equipment because paddleboards are lighter and easier to transport or pack away.


The Cons

It takes patience and practice to master SUP fishing but spending more time offshore is considered a plus by many water adventurers!
Some paddleboards have a narrow surface area so that many may find it challenging to stay on top.
Limited room for fishing accessories or personal effects.
The secret? Choosing a paddleboard that is especially build for a first-rate SUP fishing experience.

The Elkton 12” Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board Kit with 2 Fishing Rod Holders & Accessory Mount

Are you looking for the best paddleboard for your next expedition? Is your current paddleboard not giving you enough room for a better fishing stance?

It’s time to take out the Elkton 12” inflatable fishing paddle board equipped with 2 fishing rod holders and an accessory mount. The wide body of Elkton paddleboard is made especially for SUP fishing. It is built with a 26 PSI maximum capacity, so you maintain a firm position all day long. Because it’s designed with 2 fishing rod holders and accessory mount, you can take your fishing essentials with you without worrying about storage.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience wider fishing ranges and mobility afforded by kayak fishing while enjoying the light packing and transport ease from shore fishing?

Thanks to SUP fishing with Elkton Paddleboard, this is now possible for you.


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